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Food Yule Love

We are proud to announce that Solihull Indoor Bowls Club have joined in partnership with our catering company Food Yule Love. We will be renting the club kitchen for a minimum period of 12 months and hopefully longer.

In order to find out what members of SIBC want, we would like the members to let us know what food, if any, you would like supplied. Once we have some feedback it will help us to establish the type and times when you the members would like food available. We will also look at organising food on Quiz nights etc. All of this will be on a trial basis to see what uptake we have. We hope that you will help and support both companies.

1. What service would you like provided? (Print & tick your preferences)  

  1. Breakfast- 09:00 -11:30

    Hot/Cold Sandwiches               

    English Breakfasts          

  2. Lunch/Brunch - 11:30 -14:00

    Light Bites    

    Sandwiches, Side Salad, Crisps    

  3. Dinner/Evening -14:00 -16.30  (finishing time could be later)

    Chicken and Chips  

    Fish and Chips   

    Pie and Chips  

    Shepard's or cottage Pie.      

  4. Would you be interested in themed days/nights for example:

    --English, Fish and chips evening. 

    --Indian,  Curry Nights  

    --Italian,  Lasagne/Pasta 

    --Others please state…………………………………………………….

   e)   Sunday  Lunch.  Yes      NO                                                              


  2                      When would you like food available?



































  3 Would you be interested in pre-packed sandwiches?   Yes.   No.


Please use the space below to give us your thoughts on services, food and any other ideas you believe would improve your time at the bowls club.












All questions, times and information contained in the questionnaire are just to give us some ideas of what we could supply by way of food and if there would be any interest. Everything is subject to change but we will give everyone notice of the days and times that food will be available once we have your feedback.


Roy & Nicola----Food Yule Love



Please return completed Questionnaire showing your preferences to the Club Reception.