14/4/19: For League Results 2018/19:-

Click on Archive and then select sub heading Club Leagues 2018/19. 


5/4/19: To follow Emily Kernick's recent progress at the National Championships click on page heading-- Emily- National Championships


26/3/19:  For Club competition results 2018/19 just completed go to heading Club Competitions and then sub heading Club Competition 2018/19.

17/1/19: Please note that the Forum Page is no longer available. If member have any comments, suggestions, or issues they wish to raise please speak to an officer of the club or write to the club or if you prefer email the club at the address shown on the ABOUT US page of this website.


 10/5/18: For Winter League Results 2017/18 click Archive and League 2017/18


2/5/18 The number of ends to be played during the 2018/19 Winter league  night matches to be:- Mon. 15 ends, Tues 13 ends, Wed 16 ends, Thurs 16 ends, Fri 16 ends. All Day time league matches to be as last year played over 13 ends. 


20/3/18  SIBC's men win the Warwick Trophy. See the report by Paul Jones on the Warwick Trophy Competition page.



The Board has decided to keep membership subscriptions at the same level this year and as you are no doubt aware SIBC has worked hard for a considerable time to keep costs down for our members.

Regrettably, however, due to ever increasing costs and reducing income, it has been decided that Rink Fees will have to be increased from 1st April 2018.

The new costs will be £4.00 (members - 2 hours), £2.50 (members - 1 hour) and £6.00 (public).

We hope you enjoy your bowling at SIBC

Board of Directors

20th February 2018




 After many years of dedicated service, Marilyn Finney is stepping down as Fixtures Secretary. If we are to continue with weekend friendly matches against other Clubs, we will need someone or maybe two people to take over this role. Paul Jones, as you can see from the Forum messages, has already volunteered to Captain any future matches but he will need someone else to work alongside him to liaise with other Clubs to arrange the fixtures. If you wish to volunteer for this role, please contact Marilyn at the Club.


4/9/18 For those who enjoy weekend bowling, several new dates for the winter session have been added for the Rink Swops. Please see the RING SWOP PAGE.  

4/9/18  The results of the poll held in 2017 regarding Fixed End League matches were, of the 103 replies, 72 were in favour of retaining fixed ends and so the leagues will continue as now. However, taking into account some the received comments, for the 2018/19 season, there will be a review of the number of ends to be played in some of the evening leagues.


4/9/18 The question of casual dress was raised at the 2017 AGM. It appears many members feel strongly about the dress code at the Club. After discussion it has been agreed that the Club policy on dress will be that substantially white collared shirts or SIBC Club shirt with grey trousers/skirts must be worn for all league and internal Club Competition matches. Dress for other bowling can be smart casual.


4/9/18 Can all members please note that the main notice boards for events and weekend match information are now situated in the entrance to the bowls hall on the right hand side opposite the Leagues Board.


4/9/18 Your Social Committee would be grateful for contributions to their stock of raffle prizes for our various fund raising events throughout the year.


4/9/18 Members are reminded that any items left in the changing rooms whilst bowling or attending social events are at the owner's risk.


4/9/18 A Reminder:-  Members are requested not to place any information on the notice boards in the reception area without prior permission. It would be helpful is such notices contained the initials of the member posting the notice so that they can be contacted should there be any queries regarding dates, dates, times, etc.

If you have any Bowls related articles for sale, please present the information to reception and an advert will be placed on your behalf on the notice board and on the members page of our website for one month.