The Top 6 is a competition organised by the Warwickshire Women's Indoor Bowls Association. Each Club enters a team of 6 bowlers consisting of a pairs and a fours team and one substitute.

Teams may change player's position or discipline between rounds played on a 'round robin' basis. Each round is scored to a maximum of 6 points. 2 point for a win, 1 point for a draw for each discipline. 2 points for overall shots win. there are two competition days and Clubs may change players in their team on each competition day.

At the conclusion of the competition, if teams are tied on points, the team with the fewest shot against will be declared the winner.

2015/16 the Solihull won the competition with Tamworth in 2nd and Welford 3rd.


Solihull ladies are once again winners of the 2016/17 WWIBA Top 6 Competition after the 2nd leg held at Avon Valley on Sunday 19th February.



Michelle Meadowcroft, Emily Kernick, Mo Tuckett, Chris Monington, Marilyn Finney, Beth Richardson and, not in the photo, Barbara Reeve who played in the first leg.